Maya Kʼicheʼ

Tzʼibʼatal Rumal — in Maya Kʼicheʼ.

Kʼicheʼ — also known as Qatzijobʼal or Quiché — is a Mayan language of Guatemala, spoken by the Kʼicheʼ people of the central highlands. It is a part of Quichean languages branch of the Mayan family, besides Kaqchikel. Spoken by over a million speakers in Guatemala (some 7% of Guatemala’s population), Kʼicheʼ is the second most widely-spoken language in the country, after Spanish. It is also the most widely-spoken indigenous American language in Mesoamerica.

The Central dialect is the most commonly used in media and education. Despite a low literacy rate, Kʼicheʼ is increasingly taught in schools and used on the radio.