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Montblanc has been honouring St-Ex as an inspiring writer with its special edition of pens in 2017; and has also launched three series to pay homage to The Little Prince. The first series in 2018 with blue colour representing the sky; the second in 2019 with brown colour representing the desert; and the third in 2020 with burgundy colour representing the planet, or the rose.

The elegant fountain pen nibs displayed above are from MB St-Ex Writer Edition (the star) , LPP 2018 (the prince with the fox), LPP 2019 (the goat), and LPP 2020 (the prince sweeps the planet).

LPP Fountain Pen 2018

MB LPP 2018 — Le Grand

The MB Meisterstück Le Petit Prince LeGrand displayed here was launched in 2018. The colour of the body was inspired by the dark blue universe sky taken from the book. The cap, milled with a fox face pattern, reveals a sentence from the book and is crowned with the iconic emblem. The clip is embellished with a yellow lacquered star.

This adorable writing instrument is finished with a rhodium-coated 14K gold nib garnished with the little prince and the fox.

Accompanying this elegant fountain pen, MB also issued a roller ball series.

Montblanc «Le Petit Prince» roller ball — blue series.

LPP Fountain Pen 2019

The nib of MB LPP 2019

Nicknamed The Aviator, the LPP 2019 pen also pays a tribute to St-Ex as the pilot himself. The metal cap of the pen is decorated with a drawing of the desert and aeroplane, with platinum-coated fittings contrasting with the dark brown of the writing instrument. The barrel of this Meisterstück Special Edition is coloured dark brown evoking the aesthetic of the aviator.

The pen and the cap of MB LPP 2019 Doué

Before travelling back to his asteroid, the little prince tells the pilot he will be able to hear his laugh any time simply by looking at the stars and remembering. As a reminder of the laughter in the stars, a golden star adorns the clip of this edition. A sentence from the original novel has been laser engraved into the crown of the writing instrument: Toutes les grandes personnes ont d’abord été des enfants.

The the cap of MB LPP 2019

Oh, this pen has a 18K gold nib engraved with the picture of a goat.

LPP Ballpoint 2019

Montblanc «Le Petit Prince» ballpoint — brown series.

Accompanying this elegant fountain pen, MB also issued a ballpen series. Sorry, I have lost this pen in Batam island.

LPP Rollerball 2019

Will be displayed soon here.

LPP Fountain Pen 2020

The pens of 2020 edition display The Little Prince sweeping its small planet, removing the bad plants growing from bad seeds.

Like the other editions, they come in some different type and size. I’ve just realised that I have at least two of them: Le Grande and Le Classique.

Le Grande & Le Classique
Le Grande & Le Classique

LPP Fountain Pen 2021

One distinctive feature of the Montblanc LPP series 2021 is the rose engraving on the nib. The rose holds significant symbolism in The Little Prince as it represents the bond between the Prince and his beloved rose. In the story, the rose is a delicate and special flower that teaches the Prince important lessons about love, responsibility, and the complexities of relationships.

The rose engraving on the nib of the Montblanc Le Petit Prince pens captures this iconic symbol, adding a touch of elegance and meaning to the writing instrument. The nib, typically made from high-quality materials like 18K gold, is delicately engraved with the image of a rose, reflecting the attention to detail and craftsmanship synonymous with Montblanc.

LPP Roller Ball 2021

Will be displayed soon

The Writer Series — St-Ex Fountain Pen

Montblanc Writer Series: «Saint-Exupéry» fountain pen.

As a part of the Writer Series, in 2017 Montblanc has launched a special edition for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The overall design and shape of the fountain pen was inspired by St-Ex’ iconic Caudron Simoun plane and his famous novel Night Flight. Engravings on the barrel and cap show the sky as seen by Saint-Exupéry on November 1, 1929, at 23:00.


Montblanc inks: Brown Sand of the Desert, The Red Fox, and The Rose Burgundy

Montblanc has thrice launched the special edition of Le Petit Prince pen series: in 2018, 2019, and 2020. On each launching, they also launced specially rebranded inks for Le Petit Prince enthusiasts.

2018 — Red Fox (brown orange)
2019 — Sand of the Desert (brown)
2020 — The Rose of the Planet (burgundy)

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