စီၤပၤအဖိခွါဆံး — in the Karen language.

The Karen language, known also as the Karenic language family, is a group of Sino-Tibetan languages spoken primarily by the Karen people, an ethnic group primarily found in Burma and neighbouring regions. The Karen people are one of Burma’s many ethnic minority groups, and their languages play a significant role in their cultural identity.

Karen-speaking communities are primarily found in Burma, particularly in the hilly and forested regions of eastern Burma. However, Karen communities can also be found in parts of Thailand and other neighboring countries. There are several distinct languages within the Karenic family, including Sgaw Karen (the most widely spoken variety), Pwo Karen, Pa’O Karen, and many more. Each of these varieties has its own dialects.

Traditionally, the Karen languages were not typically written down. However, efforts have been made to develop scripts for various Karen dialects. The most common script used for Karen languages is based on the Burmese script.