‘t Prinske — in (North) Limburgish.

North Limburgish, also known as Noord-Limburgs, is a dialect spoken in the northeastern part of the Dutch province of Limburg and the adjacent areas in Germany. It is one of the dialects within the Limburgish language group, which is a part of the larger Low Franconian dialect continuum in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

This language is specifically spoken in Dutch municipalities of Venlo, Venray, and Peel en Maas, as well as adjacent areas in Germany, particularly in the regions around Geldern and Straelen.

North Limburgish is a Low Franconian dialect, which means it belongs to the West Germanic language family. It shares linguistic features with other Low Franconian dialects, including Dutch, Brabantian, and South Limburgish. Like many dialects, North Limburgish exhibits variation in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar within the region. Different towns and villages may have their own distinct dialect characteristics.

While North Limburgish is spoken in the area, the Dutch language is also widely used for formal communication, education, and administration. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands.