Lo Petéc Prèinse — in Chermignon dialect of Arpitan.

The Chermignon dialect is a specific form of Arpitan (also known as Franco-Provençal), spoken in the village of Chermignon, located in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Arpitan is a Gallo-Romance language that was once widely spoken across parts of what is now France, Italy, and Switzerland. This language group occupies a linguistic space between the Oïl languages (from which French derives) to the north and the Occitan language to the south.

Arpitan dialects, such as Chermignon, exhibit a rich phonetic inventory with sounds that might be unique within the Gallo-Romance language family or shared with neighboring languages. The exact phonological characteristics can vary significantly between different dialects of Franco-Provençal.

The grammar of Arpitan dialects features a mix of Gallo-Romance and sometimes even Germanic influences, reflecting the historical linguistic diversity of the Alpine regions. This includes specific conjugation patterns for verbs, distinct articles, and noun pluralisation rules.

The vocabulary of Chermignon and other Arpitan dialects includes a base of Gallo-Romance words with borrowings from neighbouring languages due to trade, migration, and political changes over the centuries. There are also terms unique to the Alpine environment and rural life.