El Princip Piscinin — in Milanese dialect of Lombard language.

Milanese / Milanes / Meneghin is the central variety of the western dialect of the Lombard language spoken in Milan, the rest of its metropolitan city, and the northernmost part of the province of Pavia. Milanese, due to the importance of Milan, the largest city in Lombardy, is considered one of the most prestigious Lombard variants and the most prestigious one in the Western Lombard area.

Milanese has an extensive literature, reaching as far back as the 13th century and including the works of important writers such as Bonvesin da la Riva (mid 13th century-1313), Carlo Maria Maggi (1630-1699) Carlo Porta (1775-1821). In addition to the large literary corpus, various dictionaries, a few grammar books and a recent translation of the Gospels are available in the language.