El Xicotet Princep — in Valencian language.

Valencian, known as Valencià in the Valencian Community, is a variety of the Catalan language spoken in the eastern region of Spain known as the Valencian Community. It is one of the co-official languages of the Valencian Community, alongside Spanish (Castilian). Valencian is also recognised as a distinct variety of Catalan by the language academies and linguistic institutions in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

Valencian has several regional dialects within the Valencian Community, and it is closely related to the Eastern Catalan spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. While there are some differences in vocabulary and pronunciation, speakers of Valencian can generally understand speakers of other Catalan varieties.

El Príncep Xiquet — also in Valencian language.

Valencian has co-official status in the Valencian Community, alongside Spanish. It is used in education, government, media, and other official contexts in the region. However, language policies and issues related to language standardisation have been a subject of political debate and sometimes controversy.

Efforts have been made to standardise the Valencian variety of Catalan, resulting in the creation of various language norms and guidelines. The Normes de Castelló, Normes del Puig, and Normes del 32 are some of the standardisation proposals that have been put forth to regulate the written form of Valencian.