O Cino Krajoro — in the Romani language.

The Romani language, also known as Romany or Romani chib, is the language spoken by the Romani people, a minority ethnic group that originated in South Asia and has a diaspora throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In the English language the Romani people are widely known by the exonym Gypsies. The Romani language is an Indo-Aryan language that shares many similarities with Hindi, Punjabi, and other languages of South Asia.

In Europe, Romani is spoken by various Romani communities, with different dialects and variations of the language in different regions. The Romani language has been spoken in Europe for centuries, and its speakers have often faced discrimination and persecution, including bans on speaking the language, forced assimilation into the dominant culture, and attempts to eradicate the language altogether.

Despite these challenges, the Romani language has survived and continues to be spoken in various communities throughout Europe. The language has also influenced other European languages, with words and phrases borrowed from Romani used in some languages, such as Spanish, Romanian, and Slovak.