Lu Pringipittu — in Maceratan dialect.

The Maceratan dialect, known as “dialetto maceratese” in Italian, is a variety of Central Italian dialects spoken primarily in the province of Macerata, located in the Marche region of Italy. This dialect belongs to the larger group of Italian dialects but exhibits unique phonological, grammatical, and lexical characteristics influenced by the geographical and historical context of the region.

The Maceratan dialect has a distinctive set of phonetic traits. For instance, the intervocalic “s” can often be voiced to [z], and the “r” can be a trilled [r] or a tap [ɾ], depending on its position in the word. There is a tendency for unstressed vowels to be reduced or elided, which is a common feature in many central Italian dialects. The dialect often exhibits diphthongization, where simple vowels in Standard Italian may appear as diphthongs in Maceratan.

The definite articles in Maceratan may differ from Standard Italian. For example, “il” (the) can become “lo” before certain consonants. Verb endings can vary significantly, with some verbs in the present tense conjugated differently than in Standard Italian. Personal pronouns in the Maceratan dialect often differ in form and usage from Standard Italian.