小王子 — in Taiwanese language.

Taiwanese, also known as Taigi, Taiwanese Hokkien, Taiwanese Minnan, Hoklo and Holo, is a variety of the Hokkien language spoken natively by about 70% of the population of Taiwan. It is spoken by the Taiwanese Hoklo people, who descended from immigrants from southern Fujian during the Qing dynasty.

Taiwanese is generally similar to spoken Amoy, Quanzhou, and Zhangzhou (branches of Chinese Minnan), as well as their dialectal forms used in Southeast Asia. It is mutually intelligible with Amoy dialect on the mainland, with the dialect of the mouth of the Jiulong River (九龍) immediately to the west, and with Philippine Hokkien to the south, spoken altogether by about 3 million people. The mass popularity of Hokkien entertainment media from Taiwan has given prominence to the Taiwanese variety of Hokkien, especially since the 1980s.