Dr Chlei Prinz — in Alemannic.

Alemannic comprises a dialect continuum in German language, from the Highest Alemannic spoken in the mountainous south to Swabian in the relatively flat north, with more of the characteristics of standard German the farther north one goes.

In Germany and other European countries, the abstand and ausbau language framework is used to decide what is a language and what a dialect. According to this framework, Alemannic varieties of German form a dialect continuum and are clearly dialects. Some linguists describe Alemannic as one of several independent languages. ISO 639-3 distinguishes four languages: gsw (Alemannic, Alsatian, Swiss German), swg (Swabian), wae (Walser German) and gct (Colonia Tovar German, spoken since 1843 in Venezuela).

Standard German is used in writing, and in Germany orally in formal contexts, throughout the Alemannic-speaking regions (with the exception of Alsace, where French or the Alsatian dialect of Alemannic is used).