Małi Princ — in Masurian ethnolect / Mazurská gádkä / Mazurski.

Masurian is a dialect of the Polish language spoken in the region of Masuria, which is located in northeastern Poland. Masurian has its own distinct phonetic, grammatical, and lexical features that set it apart from standard Polish, and it has been considered by some linguists to be a separate language. However, it is generally considered a dialect of Polish, and it is closely related to other dialects spoken in the region, such as Warmian and Silesian.

One of the unique features of Masurian is its system of vowel harmony, which is similar to that found in Turkish and other Turkic languages. Masurian also has a number of words borrowed from German, Lithuanian, and Russian, reflecting the region’s history of cultural and linguistic contact with neighboring countries.