Książę Szaranek – in Wielkopolski dialect.

Wielkopolski Dialect, also known as Greater Poland dialect, is a regional dialect of the Polish language spoken in the historical region of Wielkopolska, which is located in west-central Poland. It is one of the major dialects of the Polish language, along with Silesian, Kashubian, and Masurian.

Wielkopolski Dialect has its own unique features in terms of pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary that distinguish it from standard Polish. For example, it has a tendency to reduce vowel sounds, especially in unstressed syllables, and it has some distinct grammatical structures, such as the use of the accusative case in place of the genitive case in certain contexts.

The dialect has a long history and has been the subject of study by linguists since the 19th century. It has also been used as a literary language by some writers, including Adam Asnyk and Stanisław Przybyszewski.