Lou Pichin Prince — in Niçard.

Niçard, also known as Nissart, Niçart, Niçois, or Nizzardo, is a Romance language spoken in the region of Nice (Nissa or Niça in Niçard) and its surrounding areas in southeastern France. The language is part of the Occitan language family, which encompasses various Romance dialects spoken in southern France, northeastern Spain, and parts of Italy. In addition to Monégasque, Niçard is also spoken by some in Monaco.

Niçard is considered a sub-dialect of the larger Provençal or Occitan language, specifically falling under the Maritime Provençal subgroup. It has its own distinct features that differentiate it from other Occitan dialects. Like other Occitan languages, it evolved from Vulgar Latin and was influenced by other languages in the region, including Ligurian, Ligurian-Piedmontese, and Old French. Its vocabularies are influenced by historical interactions with neighbouring languages and cultures, including Italian, Ligurian, and French.

Niçard is recognized as a regional language and holds cultural significance in the Niçois community. However, like many regional languages in France, it has faced challenges in terms of preservation and promotion, and its use has declined over the years.